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Jan 20 2011

Super Handy, Super Fancy

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Today, Mom (and Sophie) joined Asali and I for our endurance training. Before we started out, Mom taught me how to wrap Asali’s legs. I decided that it would probably be a good idea to start using those polo wraps Mom got for Asali, to allow for extra leg protection on our long rides.

Mom brought her super handy, super fancy GPS system on the ride with us today. And when I say “super handy, super fancy,” I mean it! We were able to calculate our exact distance. Plus, the GPS system will tell you how many mph you were going, and you can print out a map of your trail when you are done tracking it. Just what an endurance trainer needs! No more guessing on our rides now; although I think my educated guesses haven’t been too far off, there is nothing better than accurate!

So, what did the GPS tell us??? We did 8.9 miles going at 5 mph. We traveled along the South Loop, which circles around our ranch, then we took Doon Grade Road (a dirt road which is closed to thru traffic) out to Coutolenc. Once on Coutolenc, we had to travel on the road with cars for a short distance. Although Coutolenc is a quiet road, we did run into 4 cars. My silly dog, Caine, was not being cooperative about staying on the shoulder. Luckily, everyone that passed us looked out for him, but that’s the last time I take him out on a trail where we may have to travel on a road.

Me with my endurance horse (and the energizer bunny, better known as my dog, Caine).

Coutolenc reconnected with the South Loop. Before getting to the South Loop, however, it was all up hill. I was surprised at how quickly Asali tackled the big climb. Even after going for quite a few miles, she still had plenty of energy. In fact, at the end of the ride, she began to speed up and broke into a full gallop before crossing the “finish line.”

Tonight, Mom came by Asali’s barn to give her some alfalfa pellets and beet pulp. I’ve been increasing her grain since we started endurance training, but Asali still seems to be losing a little weight. She has always been a horse that doesn’t keep weight on well… certainly not what you’d call an easy keeper. Tomorrow I’m going to make a run to the feed store. But not before our training… Mom and I brought up maps of our area on her GPS and we’ve chosen a new trail for tomorrow… the GPS system calculated it to be 9 miles. We’re in for an adventure… going down into the canyon – a place we’ve never been!

Mom on Sophie, using that Super Handy, Super Fancy GPS!

Asali and I after our 9 mile ride.

Caine is (finally) pooped.

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