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Feb 01 2011

One of Those Days

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Today was one of those days. I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I had three very busy days at the hospital, one in particular that was also emotionally draining after our ICU lost a patient we were all sad to see go.

I haven’t slept much in the last several days, which is not normal for me. I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed with the idea of my husband having surgery, coupled with the start of another nursing school semester.

It is never a good day when you have to force yourself to do something you love. But I knew getting back into bed, while immediately satisfying, would make me feel worse in the long run. Being with my horses has always been healing, so I dragged myself to the barn.

After unloading 10 bales of hay from the back of our truck (which, yes, I did by myself and found that pushing around bales of hay that weigh more than I do while swearing like a sailor the entire time did have a slightly therapeutic benefit), I decided to ride Asali. Because she hadn’t been ridden in three days, I decided to warm her up in the round pen. Then we went out on the trail.

I rode Asali bareback. It was a quiet ride. She was a little bit stiff, so I let her walk most of the trail. We did some hill work towards the end of the ride. I am not sure of our exact distance today, but I know it was somewhere between six and seven miles.

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