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May 01 2011

Cowgirl Up for ACTHA!

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Yesterday Asali and I competed in the Wildflower JAMBoree, a competitive trail challenge (CTC) with the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA). Mom came with us and rode Winnie. The competition was held at Camelot, in Butte Valley, not far from our home.

Asali and I decided to cowgirl it up for this ride. I traded in my breeches for my Wranglers, my riding polo for a Western show shirt, and Asali’s bridle for Forest’s bosal. I wore the cowboy boots Gary got me for Valentine’s Day last year and I brought along my cowboy hat as well (the first I’ve ever owned… but I think I’m pulling off the look well)! Of course, I completed the outfit with a bling-bling belt!

The day was beautiful, other than the CRAZY wind. I ran into several equestrian friends, many of whom had competed in the ACTHA CTC  I hosted last year at the ranch where I live. Roger, one of my volunteers from last year, was there as a competitor and he rode with my mom and me.

We encountered 7 obstacles: a trot weave around cones, an uphill serpentine, a side pass over a log, crossing a blue tarp, back up in the form of an L, a small jump over a log, and a hat pick-up. Although Asali was a bit hyped up at the beginning of the ride (she threatened to morph into a rodeo pony… not sure if it was my outfit that was setting off the rodeo vibe or the wind that was making her crazy… or maybe it was simply the fact that I was asking her stand still when she wanted to go), I was pleased with how she performed the obstacles. We struggled with the side pass, but she went right over the blue tarp with one of the fastest times. We ended up in 12th place at the end of the competition, with a total of 85 points. Not bad for our 3rd trail competition.

Photos below were taken by Forrest Bliss, who volunteered his time and talent for the ride:

endurance-ridingendurance-ridingendurance-ridingendurance-ridingendurance-ridingMom and Winnie did well at the ACTHA ride too, demonstrating their great hat pick-up at the last obstacle. And Winnie won Best Groomed Horse for her shiny coat!

Yesterday ended with cake and presents for my son, Declan, who turned 6. Today, after watching Mom perform her trail obstacles with Winnie at the Paradise Horseman’s Association Horse Festival, we took Declan miniature golfing. And although Declan spent more time fishing his golf ball out of the water than he did watching it roll into its intended hole, he had a great time.

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