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Dec 03 2012

Our Last Hoo-Rah!

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Lake Sonoma: Our final endurance ride of the 2012 season.

One month ago, Jake and I almost didn’t make it to the coveted Lake Sonoma ride. But, we conquered the odds, and made it to ride camp just before dark!

Lake Sonoma turned out to be one of my favorite rides this year. The weather was perfect, the trails were fun, and the views were gorgeous. AND Jakob won First Junior! His prize was a cool new hay bag for Beauty, embroidered in red script: “1st Junior Lake Sonoma 25.”

We enjoyed catching up with old endurance buddies, making new friends, and spending an extra night camping. Jakob and I rode out again together on Sunday, the day after the race, just the two of us and our horses. We explored some new trails, but we also relived the adventure, retracing some of our steps from the day before. We played a game of “who could grab the most ride ribbons down from the trees at a gallop.” This game sure helped ride management clean up the trails they had marked for the ride!

We turned our long weekend into a vacation and instead of heading home on Sunday, we drove to a friend’s house in Wilton, where our horses spent a day and a half in Bren’s beautiful pasture. Jakob and I enjoyed Bren’s farm, including her two fillies, who are just as rambunctious and cute as any other baby animals!

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We are now spending our short winter days getting ready for the holidays… and next year’s ride season: the year of the Tevis Cup and hopefully, Jakob’s first 50. 2013, BRING IT ON!

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  1. Ann Byrnson 04 Dec 2012 at 6:51 pm

    Hey Congratulations JAKOB and BEAUTY! Who knew you had an endurance horse in the making when you adopted Beauty?! Way to go.

    Hey Everyone! That’s my daughter and grandson out there!!!

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