Endurance Riding

Jan 17 2011

Endurance Saddles

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endurance-saddlesAn endurance ride is a test of the horse’s condition and stamina, rider intelligence and horsemanship, and the teamwork of both over cross country distances. The horse to complete the route in the shortest time wins if it is “fit to continue” at the end of the ride (although most agree that just “to finish is to win”). These trips can be 50 or more miles, up to 100 miles in a day.

Typically, endurance saddles are designed to distribute the rider’s weight over a large area for longer rides. So, combine the weight distribution of a Western saddle (greater weight bearing surface) with a lighter design.

Endurance saddles come in different designs; some seem almost like a western saddle with the horn removed, while others are more like the English standard A / P saddle with a little more padding.

There are plenty of options depending on your riding style and preference, but all have the ability to keep the horse comfortable over long distances. You will see some people ride endurance in an A / P or dressage saddle, but it is more common to see saddles that are designed specifically for the job.
Endurance saddles are designed to be light weight; they distribute the rider’s weight over a wider area, and they are usually outfitted with plenty of rings to tie stuff onto, like breast collar, crupper, and saddle bags. They are designed so that the rider can post, can get up out of the seat easily to a two-point position, and sit comfortably for periods of time also. Endurance horses are under tack for many hours and many miles. When you’re ascending and descending steep elevation, the tree can jam into the horse’s loins, or scapula and withers, so the correct fit and balance is absolutely crucial.


Here Are The 3 Most Popular And Best Selling Endurance Saddles:

endurance-saddlesThe Trekker Endurance Saddle

This is a BRAND NEW Trekker All Around Endurance Saddle. Designed special for long endurance rides. Has a custom reinforced fiber glass tree with an air cooling channel to help disperse heat on long rides. Features free swinging stirrups with blevins style buckles. 3 1/2″ deep padded seat gives comfort to the sensitive rider. Lots of brass hardware to attach all your gear.

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Kimberley Synthetic Endurance

The heart of this light weight endurance styled saddle is the same sturdy wood and steel tree that is in the rest of the Kimberley models, so it can be adjusted to fit your horse. The saddle is made of a woven synthetic material, with synthetic suede seat, poleys, and wear patches for extra grip. Easy to care for, easy to ride!

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Abetta Endurance AIRE-Grip Saddle

The Abetta® Endurance saddle is a trail rider’s dream. Durable, lightweight, and comfortable, this saddle features a breathable, shock-absorbing Cool-Grip lining. Easier to clean than leather and wider than most synthetic saddles, which helps give a better fit. AIRE-grip, shock-absorbing closed-cell foam lining, weather resistant, and features Acu-Letha trim. Made in the USA.

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