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Apr 18 2013

Cuyama From Jakob’s Point of View

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By Jakob Gregory

My family and I went to Cuyama for an endurance ride with our horses. My mom and I rode thirty miles on the first day. We got to ride with the cows! It was very fun. The second day, I took a break and my mom rode fifty miles with her friend, Peggy.

On the third day, I rode my first fifty mile ride! The beginning of the ride was pretty. I could see lots of mountains, trees, and bushes. I could smell junipers, which smell like fresh air! I could see out for miles. I could see the riders in front and in back of me! At the top of a ridge, there was a ditch and my horse fell into it. I fell off. I went under her and she stepped on me, but I was ok. I learned to hold on tighter after that.

It was a long and beautiful ride. My favorite part of the ride was the beginning because I liked the narrow, windy trail that had trees on both sides of me. I could look into the canyon from this trail too. My least favorite part was when I fell off. About 12 miles before the finish, I had another silly accident. My horse crashed into a tree and the branches cut me. But I stayed in the saddle this time! When I got to the finish, I was happy the ride was over.

After the ride, we drove to my papa’s house. I was excited to see him. Papa gave me fifty dollars for completing my first fifty mile ride!

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  1. Ann Byrnson 24 Apr 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Wow, Jake, I am so proud of you! You and Beauty did such a great job. I loved your story, too. Good for you for climbing back up on your mare after you fell off–and you still finished that ride!!! WAHOOO

    Thanks, daughter, for recording some of the adventures on your video cam–very fun for Granny to watch!

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