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May 14 2012

Cache Creek Ridge Ride: Jakob’s First 25-Miler!

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On Friday, after visiting with family in the bay area, I took my 10-year-old son and his horse, Beauty, to the Cache Creek Ridge Ride, near Williams, CA. Asali and I had the pleasure of sponsoring them on the 25 mile ride on Saturday. Here is Jakob’s story of his first ride, copied word for word (although I fixed a few spelling mistakes):

by Jakob Gregory

Endurance RidingI liked the ride because it was beautiful and they organized the ride well. My favorite part of the ride is the meadow with the grassy field where you could run. My least favorite part is the finish because I wanted to keep riding and when Beauty got worked up.

I want to go to the ride next year because of the beauty. Thank you Alyssa and Jennifer, also volunteers. You never waste a moment in the saddle. Beauty and Asali, you worked hard!!!!!!!!!!

Endurance RidingI have to agree with Jakob that the Cache Creek Ridge Ride is well managed – that is the main reason why I will probably make this an annual ride for us. It was hot and sunny and not very shady on the trail and we also encountered many steep, difficult climbs, but we had so much fun riding. This was a challenging trail, especially for a junior rider on his first ride. I could not have been more proud of Jakob or his horse, Beauty, who we adopted from a horse rescue almost 2 years ago.

Endurance RidingI have two favorite memories from the weekend. The first was on Friday night, when Jakob and I were getting ready for bed. We were both cozy in our sleeping bags in the back of the horse trailer. We left the door to the trailer open so we could see the stars above us. Jakob spent some time reading aloud to me, using his head lamp for light. Jakob was reading from his book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I enjoyed hearing his voice and I eventually fell asleep to the silly story.

Endurance RidingMy second favorite memory occurred on Saturday, when we were towards the end of the competition. We were on a wide dirt trail, side by side. The horses were feeling good and we began trotting, and then cantering. Jakob and I held hands and continued down the trail, side by side. We were all alone, in open country, being carried through the sun on the backs of our horses. I heard Jakob laughing and I remember wanting to freeze that moment in time.

Endurance Riding

Endurance RidingI am going to end this blog post with a quick account of an incident that happened when the ride was all over – after we had presented our horses for P & R (pulse and respirations) and received our completion time. Jakob and I were walking the horses back to our camp when something went awry with the hose on the water truck. Both horses spooked and galloped off. In the process, my arm got tangled up in Beauty’s reins, Asali knocked me over, lunging me forward and to the ground, right in Beauty’s path. I was dragged a couple feet and then trampled by Beauty. I came out of this potentially dangerous accident relatively unharmed. While I have several bumps and bruises, a swollen knee, a mild black eye, and overall soreness, I could have ended up with a massive head injury. I heard Beauty’s hooves hit my helmet several times and I know the only reason I was talking and walking after the incident was because of my helmet – it saved my life! I am sharing this story to stress to my readers how important wearing a helmet is. Accidents happen, even with those horses who rarely spook, who have lots of training, and who are older in age. It does not matter how experienced of a horsewoman or horseman you are, an accident can happen anytime, anywhere and it can happen so fast, you aren’t able to get out of the way or stop yourself from falling off. So – wear your fricken’ helmet!

On that note, I can say I am glad I got “trampled” and “dragged” checked off my list all at once. My chances of those things happening again are pretty slim so I can deem myself “been there, done that.” After the eye injury I suffered following my first 25 and now this accident following Jakob’s first 25, I am really hoping our subsequent rides are uneventful. Otherwise, people are going to start wondering why we continue in this crazy sport they call endurance.

A few of our pre-ride photos from Friday afternoon:

Endurance Riding

Endurance Riding

Endurance Riding

Endurance Riding

Endurance Riding

Endurance Riding

And finally (drum roll please), a short video of our ride on Saturday:

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9 Responses to “Cache Creek Ridge Ride: Jakob’s First 25-Miler!”

  1. Bruceon 15 May 2012 at 9:56 pm
      Congratulations Jakob! Glad you’re OK, JayaMae! Great job with the video, the scenery was beautiful! :o))
  2. JayaMaeon 17 May 2012 at 10:48 pm

    Thank you, Bruce. I feel very lucky. And I’m so glad Jakob was not hurt during the accident – he got out of the way just in time! He is now looking forward to his next 25 miler with Beauty in July.

  3. Robert H. Sydnoron 18 May 2012 at 5:57 am

    Dear JayaMae:
    You are a super Mom to have recorded a video movie of Jakob fininishing his first AERC ride. This is a historic video that will last for a hundred years.
    With appreciation from Bob, your geologist friend

    Robert H. Sydnor
    AERC Trail Master
    Senior Engineering Geologist
    AERC Member
    cell phone 916-335-1441

  4. JayaMaeon 23 May 2012 at 6:50 pm


    Thank you! It was so good to see you at Cache Creek. I am glad you got to meet my family! The boys enjoyed your hats. 😉

    P.S. Jennifer Stalley had this to say about our video: “My dad won’t stop playing your video. He thinks you two are the greatest thing ever. :)” Alyssa said she was going to use the video as promotional material for the ride. Totally made my day! I think I am going to make videos a standard at Jakob’s rides. 🙂

    And to Mom: Thanks, love you! xoxo

  5. Ann Byrnson 21 May 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Okay, Daughter, you’ve earned a couple of extra points toward that COWGIRL HAT–however, I agree, don’t wear anything but a helmet when you are riding or handling horses on the ground. Kudos to you and Jakob for a job well done!

  6. Linda Richardson 24 May 2012 at 7:15 am

    Thank You JayaMae and Jakob for adopting Beauty from Safe Haven Horse Rescue in Cottonwood. And Thank You So Very Much for giving Beauty such a loving, caring and awesome home.

    So happy to hear you are ok. You never know what might happen in an instant.

    The video is great. What an awesome memory you both will have and be able to watch it over and over.

    Thank You Again So Much,

    Many, Many Happy Trails….

    Linda Richards

    Thank You for all the great pictures and up dates on Beauties life with your family…

  7. Mister Albinoon 27 May 2012 at 4:59 pm

    Jakob, congratulations on your 25 miler! You’ve become quite the horseman! I haven’t logged 25 miles on a horse in my lifetime – and that includes my time on carnival ponies. Nice job!

  8. Emma Moffaton 07 Jun 2012 at 7:48 am

    Well done JaKob. Archie (aged 12) has had a rough year so far with his pony Benji but is now feeling really inspired again after watching your video. Good luck for your next 25 miler and hope your mum has recovered from her bruises now. Emma and Archie – following your mum and wishing you both well from England!

  9. JayaMaeon 14 Jun 2012 at 5:50 am

    Hi Emma! Thank you for following my blog. I am so glad that Archie liked Jakob’s video and that he is continuing to get back in that saddle! Good luck to him and Benji. 🙂

    Linda: You are welcome. Safe Haven Horse Rescue is an amazing place – thank you for taking care of Beauty before we adopted her.

    Mr. Albino: Keep riding those carnival ponies – you still have time to log miles! Maybe you’ll make it to 10?

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