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Apr 02 2011

Asali Goes to College

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On Wednesday, March 30, my mom took Winnie to UC Davis’ Large Animal Clinic for a lameness exam. Since Asali needed a teeth float and I wanted some blood work done on her, I decided to tag along with my mom’s horse for the trip to UC Davis.


Winnie getting assessed right before Asali’s appointment. Luckily, Winnie was found to have no obvious lameness.

I had never been to UC Davis before, but I felt right at home. Being a nursing student, I am used to teaching hospitals, and it was fun talking to all the vet students and hearing about their plans for their future careers. Seeing the students at work reminded me of when I rounded at USC University Hospital with the medical students at the Keck School of Medicine – the only difference was we had humans as our patients, not dogs, cats, or horses.


UC Davis’ Large Animal Clinic

When Asali and I first arrived at UC Davis, she had an assessment done by senior student, Kristy Bowles, which revealed nothing exciting (Asali’s vital signs were all strong and she appeared healthy and at a normal weight). Kristy was working with Resident Clinician, Dr. Nora Nogradi. I gave them both a complete history on Asali and after her blood was taken and sent to the lab, she was given sedation for a teeth float and we moved to an exam room.


Asali smiles at Dr. Nogradi.

Asali’s mouth was found to be in good condition, although she had some sharp enamel points and a 6mm gingival pocket between two molars on her upper right arcade. Dr. Nogradi and Kristy reduced these points and then consulted with Faculty Clinician, Dr. Pusterla, regarding the gingival pocket. The pocket was flushed out and then packed with dental impression material (what I like to call “purple goo”). She was then given anti-inflammatory medication.


Asali’s medical record outside the stall she had for the day.

After the teeth float, Asali relaxed in a stall while we waited for her lab work to come back. I had a chemistry panel done (including a complete blood cell count) and her Vitamin E and Selenium levels checked. Everything came back normal! These tests look at her electrolytes and organ function, among other things, so I was very pleased. Dr. Nogradi said Asali looked like a very fit, healthy horse! Student Kristy wished us luck on our endurance training… she said if she is ever a volunteer vet at the Tevis Cup, she’ll keep an eye out for us!


Asali is healthy and ready to go home (with her new shipping boots on)!

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  1. Ann Byrnson 07 Apr 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Glad all of Asali’s blood work came back normal! You are ready for your first ride this weekend–good luck! MOM

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